Appareil De Levage (VDH series)

Appareil De Levage (VDH series)

Appareil De Levage (VDH series);

VDH series, which is an engineered cranes aesthetic appearance and performance with the values ​​of our cars is superior counterparts.

Specially designed for lifting and crane in the monoblock, gearbox groups are used. İt is completely indigenous design and manufacture products. VDH series can be designed in accordance with the requirements of all kinds of desired performance even in the most difficult conditions can be revealed. Today galvanized households that are experiencing the most trouble and was able to ensure customer satisfaction, even in mill design.

Walking groups externally designed as monoblock wheel is in the boxes contain a very precise bearing system. Also known wheels wedged in the middle, but the drive gear is milled with the system. This feature is very quiet, with an implementation mechanism.

Low ceilings and production are available as monorail car.


FEM 2m, 3m and 4m class are available in the production.


General features and advantages as follows;


  •  Difficult and intense working conditions 
  •  Long life and high quality 
  •  Attractive price 
  •  Longevity 
  •  Easy maintenance and repair 

  • Akubl acidic chemical environments and the ability to be the main properties.

•  A maximum lift height 
•  Very safe system of work 
•  Silent and vibration mechanism 
•  Resistance to shock loads 
•  Easy transport 



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